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Research agreement with Rago Group

The research agreement is underway with Rago Group, a leading cooperative company in the sector of first and fourth range baby leaf production.The meeting between the CAISIAL research team and the company’s management was held in Battipaglia at the company’s headquarters to set the implementation objectives of the activities and visit the company’s greenhouses … Read more

European project ERA-NET “SUSPUFA”

Great success for the final event of the European ERA-NET project “SUSPUFA” (Sustainable production of health-promoting n-3 lc-pufa using agro food industry by-products through microalgae) in which the CAISIAL Center played a key role in selection, production and economic evaluation of omega-3 production from microalgae.Eleven speakers from five countries, representatives of five university institutions … Read more

Neapolitan pizza panel test with master Enzo Coccia.

Sensory analysis session of Neapolitan pizza at the CAISIAL headquarters, with the collaboration of the master pizza chef Enzo Coccia, as part of the PRIN 2017 project “The Neapolitan pizza: processing, distribution, innovation and environmental aspects”. Expert and non-expert tasters were recruited to evaluate the fragrance, texture and overall palatability of Neapolitan pizza handed … Read more