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Innovative processes, technologies and products

The section is located in the upper wood of the Portici Palace.
The GUS 15 building houses the laboratories while the pilot plants are located in the GUS 15 and GUS 16 buildings

The vast equipment available to the Center allows the development of new products and new food processes following the principles of concurrent engineering and Reverse design. This methodology overturns the traditional logic of designing and manufacturing products and processes based on the simultaneous participation of all the professionals involved in the development of a new food product and starts from the study and definition of the expected characteristics of the final product by researching the process technologies and conservation, transformation processes and the most suitable raw materials to obtain the expected properties in the final product.

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For more information

Prof. Paolo Masi 0812539330

Development of new products

Prof.ssa Silvana Cavella 0812539456

Emulsions, creams and sauces

Dott.ssa Nicoletta Miele 0812539329

Tailored Foods

Dott.ssa Annalisa Romano 0812539329


Prof.ssa Elena Torrieri 0812539127

Microbiological control

Dott.ssa Angela Sorrentino 0812539471