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Food law

The Food Law section provides support to companies, especially SMEs, for problems related to legislative aspects relating to the production and marketing of food.

For companies it is possible to acquire analyzes, studies, opinions and the elaboration of legal notes on the application of national, European and international food regulations relating to agri-food legislation and food safety.

Offered services
  • Labeling setup and control
  • Presentation and advertising on packaging, websites, social networks and media
  • Nutritional and health claims
  • Activities of food sector operators with regard to E-commerce and food delivery
  • Verification Fair trade practices and correct information
  • Competition discipline
  • Consumer Code
  • Self-control and HACCP regulations
  • Food safety culture (EU Reg. 2021/382)
  • Legislative aspects on traceability and traceability
  • Food Contact Materials and Articles (MOCA) legislation
  • Organic production and quality schemes (PDO-PGI-TSG)
  • Novel food and GMOs
  • Official control Management of national and European alerts and related relations with the competent authorities
  • Application problems on the production and marketing of products.
  • Food waste legislation (Gadda Law)
  • Waste and by-product legislation
  • Customs regulations and Made in Italy
  • Models of sustainability in the agri-food supply chains

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