Offered services


  • Labeling setup and control
    Presentation and advertising on packaging, websites, social networks and media
  • Nutritional and health claims
  • Activities of food sector operators with regard to E-commerce and food delivery
  • Verification Fair trade practices and correct information
  • Competition discipline
    Consumer Code

Laws and Regulations

  • Self-control and HACCP regulations
    Food safety culture (EU Reg. 2021/382)
  • Legislative aspects on traceability and traceability
  • Food Contact Materials and Articles (MOCA) legislation
  • Organic production and quality schemes (PDO-PGI-TSG)
  • Novel food and GMOs
  • Official control
  • Management of national and European alerts and related relations with the competent authorities
  • Application problems on the production and marketing of products.


  • Food waste legislation (Gadda Law)
  • Waste and by-product legislation
  • Customs regulations and Made in Italy
  • Models of sustainability in the agri-food supply chains
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