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Transformation of fish products

The fish product processing laboratory is complete with refrigeration and freezing cells and numerous pilot equipment for the processing and transformation of fishery and aquaculture products.

Among the various activities, the section has contributed over the years to the development of algae food products such as pasta, spreads, cheeses and seasonings, fish burgers and wurstel and ready-to-eat products from bivalve molluscs. It has also developed supply chains of products processed from fishery waste.

Examples of developed products:

  • Formulated of spreadable creams based algae or their extracts;
  • Ready sauces, spreads, frankfurters and meatballs developed by the Center for the enhancement of fishing waste EMFF project “Not waste but wrapping”
  • Innovative processed products
    based on mussels.
  • Anchovy-based burgers
  • Short and long-life processed bluefin tuna.
  • High protein pasta with microalgae