Service Center for Food Companies

An Initiative for Innovation

In a global market context, the Italian food industry must adopt an innovation strategy, both in terms of product and process, to maintain a prominent position. This need led to the creation of a Service Center dedicated to food companies.

Most companies in the food industry are small and medium-sized businesses. While these companies are flexible and capable of adopting innovative policies, they often face challenges such as a lack of financial resources and internal expertise in areas such as research and development, marketing, finance and engineering.

Our Center is dedicated to providing support to all food companies, regardless of their size. We offer advanced facilities and a wide range of professional skills. The objective is to work in synergy with company management to help them identify and implement innovative ideas that meet the current and future needs of consumers and the distribution sector.


CAISIAL's Expertise in the Food Sector

Il Centro per l’Innovazione e lo Sviluppo nell’Industria Alimentare (CAISIAL) svolge un ruolo chiave nel progetto.

Founded in 2004, the institution focuses on research and innovation in the food sector, collecting data on innovations, food transformations and technology transfer to companies.

CAISIAL is equipped with advanced resources, including modern laboratories and pilot plants for the development of new foods.