Our method

The Center aims to make available to companies operating in the food sector, both large and small and medium-sized, equipped structures and different professionals that can integrate in a coordinated and synergistic way with the company management to offer assistance in identifying an innovative idea that responds to the expressed and latent needs of consumers and distribution.

Recourse to the academy to make up for business shortcomings or to create synergies is not a new fact, proof of this is the existence of multiple collaborations at local and national level between companies and university departments and the many actions promoted for this purpose by MIUR.

However, it is believed that the strength of the Federico II University project is the fact that it can provide companies with a context in which professionalism and technical structures operate in a coordinated manner according to the dictates of concurrent engineering.



Evaluate among various innovative hypotheses the most current one with the highest probability of success.



Evaluate the economic/financial feasibility of an innovative idea and the legislative opportunities to implement it.


Prototypes and processes

Provide companies with a technological incubator to develop processes and products at a prototype level, train and update company managers on the culture of product and process innovation.

SMB (Small Medium Business) Services

Support to innovation

The Center provides companies with databases for the generation of ideas and experts who can guide them in the selection of ideas, in finding financial resources and legal assistance.

Technological incubator

The Center has numerous plants that allow the development of new processes and new products both from raw materials of vegetable and animal origin, as well as plants for the breeding of fish products, microalgae and vegetables in hydroponics and aquaponics.

Product quality certifications

The Center is equipped with numerous laboratories for the evaluation of the physical, chemical-physical, technological, sensory, microbiological and shelf-life properties of food products.

Food Academy and start up

The Center offers the Company the possibility of using its plants for spin-off and start-up activities. It is also able to offer training in the field of innovation to both company managers and technicians.

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Sede Caisial · Amministrazione, Sezione Acquacoltura & Prodotti Ittici

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Sede Caisial · Sezione Processi tecnologie e prodotti innovativi

Sede Caisial · Direzione, Sezione Analisi sensoriali e reologiche

Address Via Università 133 – Parco Gussone – 80055 – Portici (NA)

University Center for Innovation and Development of Food Industry
University of Naples "Federico II"

Via Università 133 – Parco Gussone  80055 – Portici (NA)